Apply to Be Our Community Engagement Partner

Help Lead Districtwide Outreach for Superintendent Search

DPS is seeking qualified partners to aid in district-wide community engagement efforts to support the search to fill the superintendent role at DPS.
As named in the DPS Engagement and Outreach framework, the district seeks to operate with a mindset and working approach that is community-led and district-supported. At a high level, this means we seek to listen to understand, work with the community to build a plan, communicate with the community along the way, build solutions collaboratively, take action together, and follow up.
District engagement and outreach commits to addressing demographic representation when reaching and working with students, families, and school leaders by using methods that are culturally appropriate for each demographic group.

Now Accepting Proposals

If your engagement firm is interested in this opportunity, please submit a detailed proposal by Monday, Jan. 25, 2021 at noon to