Community Engagement

Gathering Feedback, Listening to Diverse Voices

Throughout the search process, we have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders, including students, community members, advocacy groups and more. The full list of groups we have engaged with to date includes a wide range of voices and perspectives that are tremendously valuable as we move closer to identifying our next superintendent.

Young boy sits in a comfy armchair with a bright orange laptop. He smiles at the camera with his chin in his hand.

Values That Guide Our Engagement Approach

DPS exists to serve and educate our students. We value the voices of those who we serve, and seek to build a system that provides the high-quality public education our students need and deserve. Below are the core values that will guide our community engagement throughout the superintendent search:

  • Transparency: Our community will understand our process
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Partnering with firms who can authentically engage with our community and support in finding superintendent candidates who can do the same
  • Community Informed: Community feedback will inform our process
  • Access and Influence: Our community will have access to our process to consult, be involved, and/or collaborate at each phase
  • Anti-Bias: The board will participate in anti-bias training and will prioritize hiring a candidate who can represent DPS students and community
  • Valued: Stakeholders feel valued and their needs are considered and may/can be met