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Superintendent Entry Plan by Susana Cordova

Building a Strong Foundation

When a leader sets out to make a difference in the lives of 93,000 students, she has to have a plan. Susana’s Entry Plan is a road map for the first phase of her district leadership, intended to give our community a clear understanding of the values and beliefs that will guide her throughout the process.

Read the Entry Plan to find out how Susana has been reaching out to people across the DPS community — from students and teachers to community leaders and families — to connect around a common understanding of what really matters most. The plan also gives an overview of the specific action steps she’ll has been taking to launch our streamlined focus on Equity, Instructional Excellence and Collaborative Teamwork.

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Our schools must be places where every student is affirmed for who they are, while being challenged to excel. We must lean into the hard work of eliminating barriers, providing the right resources and ensuring that all students, particularly African-American and Latinx students, have teachers and leaders who both care about them and push them to succeed.

We must break the historical patterns of inequity that have resulted in far too few black, brown and low-income children succeeding at high levels. We can do this if we focus our resources, energy and talent on leveling the playing field for our most vulnerable students.

Instructional Excellence

Our students deserve the highest quality instruction each and every day. This means we need to deliver the highest quality supports to our teachers and leaders as they work day in and day out with our students. Our classrooms must be vibrant centers of learning where caring teachers are engaging their students in rigorous, culturally responsive experiences so that all children excel.

Teachers should feel valued in our district. We need to invite teachers into authentic conversations about how to achieve instructional excellence, and value their professional expertise and experience.

Collaborative Teamwork

Our schools are the centers of our communities and we must work hand-in-hand with our families and community members to ensure that Every Child Succeeds.

We need to build strong, collaborative teams to help design solutions to our most persistent problems. We need everyone to work together toward our common goals.