Strategic Plan Advisory Team

Mapping the Future of DPS

DPS’ new multi-year strategic plan will be community led, district supported.

As such, the new plan will be grounded in the Transition Team Priority Statements, which were informed by Dr. Marrero’s Listening and Learning Tour throughout his first 100 Days.  The strategic plan will be developed by two teams working in close connection with one another:

The Strategic Plan Steering Team is comprised of leaders from across DPS and the community. The role of this group is to provide guidance and make decisions that support the finalization of the plan.

The Strategic Plan Core Design Team is comprised of leaders from members of DPS representing Academics, Equity and Engagement, Schools, and Strategy. The role of this group is to ground in the Priority Statements developed by the Superintendent’s Transition Advisory Team and draft the strategic plan.

Once the plan is drafted, there will be opportunities for feedback and thought partnership by DPS team and community members involved in the Transition Advisory Team, as well as by education leaders from across the country.

Strategic Plan Advisory Team Membership

Steering Team

Core Design Team

  • Tony Smith
  • Mike Ramirez
  • Tamara Acevedo
  • Jim Carpenter
  • Grant Guyer
  • Elizabeth Stock
  • Sandy Lochhead-Price
School community

The Strategic Plan Advisory Team expects to have the new plan developed by early summer 2022.

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How is community feedback being used to create the new strategic plan?

The strategic plan will be informed by what we have learned from the 11,660 members of the DPS community (students, families and staff) who were engaged during the Superintendent’s Listening and Learning Tour and the over 60 members of the Transition Advisory Team.

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How is the Transition Advisory Team’s work being used in the new strategic plan?

The Transition Advisory Team was made up of more than 60 members of the DPS community who developed priority statements that will guide the development of the strategic plan.

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