Long-Term Safety Plan


Denver Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, families and educators throughout the school district. Safety is paramount. DPS is focused on maintaining learning environments that center our students, elevate the experience of our adults, and turn our vision that Every Learner Thrives into a reality.

In order for the school district to fulfill the goal of maintaining a safe and welcoming learning environment, DPS implements comprehensive policies, procedures and protocols that focus on safety issues. The primary objective of these district-wide and school-specific safety policies is to establish, promote, and maintain the physical and psychological safety policies of our students, staff, families and other members of the Denver community who visit our schools and campuses.

In response to recent incidents of violence throughout the Denver metro area, district leadership has worked to revise the district-wide safety policies. We recognize that school safety is a community issue which requires collaboration throughout our community. To that end, this work is being done in partnership with industry professionals, along with input from students, employees and community members. It is intended to provide guidance and resources to prevent violence and crises as well as to provide direction in a variety of emergency situations. The plan encompasses each of our schools, every campus, and our Central Office building. The final version of this new district-wide safety plan will be comprehensive, concise and specific.

In keeping with the policy of the Board of Education, the purpose of this new district-wide safety plan is to maximize the safety of every student, educator and visitor of Denver Public Schools. Once implemented, these new policies, procedures and protocols, which include guidelines for managing emergencies along with basic procedures to implement the school district’s safety plan, will be evaluated routinely and revised as needed.

Executive Summary

The final plan (to be released in June) will be available in all Consent Decree languages.

Full Plan » English
Full Plan » Español

Feedback Survey

A qualitative survey using Thought Exchange is now open until June 11th. This tool will allow students, families, staff and community members to share their detailed thoughts on the DRAFT Version 2.0 Plan. The platform conducts detailed analyses on the comments shared in the survey to surface the changes that need to be made in the draft plan. Please note that this survey is unlike other surveys DPS has administered this year. Watch this video to learn more about how this interactive survey works.

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Long-term safety plan timeline

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Community Town Halls

There will be a number of virtual feedback sessions during which Dr. Marrero will share highlights from the plan, ask specific questions of participants for feedback and hear thoughts and ideas directly from participants. These events have been scheduled at various times throughout the day in order to accommodate as many participants’ schedules as possible.

  • Town Hall #1: Wednesday, May 10, 5-6 p.m.
    • Parents/guardians whose last names start with A-L
    • Audio recording (English)
  • Town Hall #2: Wednesday, May 10, 7-8 p.m.
    • Parents/guardians whose last names start with M-Z
    • Audio recording (English)
  • Town Hall #3: Wednesday, May 17, 10-11 a.m.
    • DPS employees whose last names start with A-L
    • Audio recording
  • Town Hall #4: Wednesday, May 17, 6-7 p.m.
    • DPS employees whose last names start with M-Z
    • Audio recording
  • Additional dates and times are forthcoming.

These hour-long events will be held over the phone. Based on the town hall you are scheduled to attend, you will receive a phone call from 855-962-1494 to the phone number you have listed in Infor (employees) or Parent Portal (families). Spanish interpretations will be available for each town hall. If you cannot attend the town hall you are scheduled for or don’t receive a call, you may call in to another scheduled town hall by dialing 855-962-1494. A summary of the town halls will be available in all Consent Decree languages at a later date.

Superintendent Advisory Council Feedback Sessions

The Superintendent will be hosting three conversations with a representative from the district’s existing advisory councils, Denver School Leader Association, Denver Classroom Teacher Association, Students Demand Action, the charter collaborative council, Parent Safety Advisory Group and the Transition Team that supported the creation of the Strategic Roadmap. The representatives will receive resources and training to gather feedback from their members.

  • Monday, May 1st, 2023
  • Thursday, May 11th, 2023
  • Thursday, June 15th, 2023

FACE Help Line/FCS

The Family and Community Support help line is available to take questions and concerns in regards to any matters.
Note: We have Spanish-speaking staff and have access to multilingual interpretation services as needed.
720-423-3054 |